Thursday, May 11, 2017

An Orange for Vitamin C

I have been mad as hell. Now, it isn't like I don't have valid reasons to be mad as hell. But it looks to me like it is symptomatic of something physiological.

I am not going to post the lengthy email exchange here, but I told my son to find me something brain related that would explain my rage. And he basically emailed me multiple paragraphs about the hypothalamus. So I wrote back and asked what nutritional support does it need. He said B vitamins and Vitamin C.

I have no reason to think I am seriously B deficient, though we did address that some anyway. But strawberries have Vitamin C and we have been eating freeze dried strawberries. Thus, I think we are craving Vitamin C. So I replied to that with "Get me an orange when we do snacks."

I had an orange last night and one at lunch today. My oldest son had a piece of it, plus he ate a small amount of the peel both times. I had a small bit of peel yesterday, but not today. The peel is excellent for treating allergies.

The orange hit me pretty hard last night. We slept late this morning.

I am still cranky as hell, but not enraged at the moment. So, we are apparently on the right track.

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